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IUI Treatment in Nashik

What is IUI treatment?

IUI is usually the first alternative used in infertility treatments. IUI is a less invasive & less expensive fertility treatment when compared to other advanced treatment options. In this treatment sperm is directly inserted into a woman’s uterus thus it increases the possibility of conception but it can not be used for a blocked fallopian tube since it prevents the sperms to reach the egg.

Why IUI is needed?

It is very useful in case of infertility caused due to low count or decreased motility of the sperm, unexplained infertility, cervical mucus problems, or ejaculation dysfunction.

When IUI  is performed?

It is performed around the time of ovulation. This procedure takes a few minutes & involves less discomfort.

The average time frame for IUI is about three or 4 treatment cycles, provided all other parameters are taken into consideration or treated. 

How IUI is done?

Before IUI, Laparoscopy or ultrasound will be done to ensure that the fallopian tubes are not blocked. Blood and urine tests are used to determine when the woman is most likely to ovulate. Generally, on the 12th to 16thday of their menstrual cycle, IUI will be performed. Sperms are usually collected in the hospital or at home through ejaculation.
After that sperm processing will be done which involves the separation of sperms from the other components of the semen, concentrating it in smaller volumes. This takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Here, the rapidly moving sperm will be separated from the slower ones as they are more viable.

The sperm is then stored under low temperatures for future use or inserted into the woman’s uterus right away.


IUI process explained Step by Step

Dr. Aarti Parakh is successfully running IUI Treatment in Nashik. She provides personalized fertility and gynaecological service to each couple. She has helped many of her clients to start their parenthood journey by effectively implementing the IUI Treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Many women feel IUI quite painless. Only some discomfort due to ovulation.

It is usually done before the time of ovulation (within 6 hours). Time is a very important factor in IUI. So it should be properly planned so that sperms are present when the egg is released.


  • Age of a woman
  • Type of ovarian stimulation
  • Cause of infertility
  • Count & quality of motile sperms
Dr. Aarti Parakh provides the best IUI Treatment in Nashik with a compassionate & patient-oriented treatment. To book your appointment click here.

Dr. Aarti Parakh provides the best IUI Treatment in Nashik with a compassionate & patient-oriented treatment. To book your appointment click here.

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